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A Wondrous Journey Through
Your Inner-Most Wanderings

'Simply beautiful.'

“You’ll…” is a magical, life-affirming mix of bedtime story and personal development masterclass… explores our innermost thoughts and life’s challenges with gentle self-reflection …enchanting and wonderful.’

Colleen Amos - OBE
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Gaze inwards and flow through sensations of life and work in a tale of emotional wisdom – filled with hope, comfort, and heartfelt honesty.

You’ll… is an uplifting gift of a book for friends and colleagues – woven to inspire those on the eve of new opportunities, un-stick those who’ve found themselves stuck, and get old-souled knowing nodders revisiting emotional moments.

Charmingly written and beautifully illustrated, this powerful, thought-provoking journey will speak directly to the chambers of every reader’s heart – and soon see them drifting into an enchanting world of life’s inner quirkings.

You’ll… is a story to make us all think.


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You’ll… is a perfect gift for colleagues, friends and family.

It is available to purchase in both hardback and softback. All copies acquired via this website will be signed by the Author (+ a personalised message if you wish) and will be accompanied by a limited edition bookmark.
Hardback – £15.99 + £3.99 p&p
Softback – £13.99 + £3.99 p&p

Common questions

What kind of readers will enjoy the book?

It's perfect for those who are encountering a worklife event for the first time, such as a new job, a promotion or heading to University, yet equally engaging for an experienced mind looking for a narrative that really gets them, particularly if they are 'stuck'.

How would you best describe the book?

It's a book that helps as you journey through work, but we wouldn't say it's a business or self-development book in the traditional sense. It's light reading with deep ideas. Both playful and wise. It's designed to be a pleasurable read that we hope you'll return to again and again.

Can I get a signed copy?

Only those who purchase directly via this website will receive a signed copy and any other bonuses we may be offering at the time. The book will also be available via Amazon, minus any privileges.


Meet Stephen Willard

Stephen’s work centres on a recurring fascination with the relationships between people and companies, identities and careers, and love and necessity. His obsession with real working lives kept him wilfully restless until he crystallised his thinking and formed EMBLAZE® – a worklife experience consultancy for the new world corporate employers.

Often the quietest voice in a crowd, Stephen’s disposition to hear more and chat less has helped him to tune in to the frequencies of real life. Lives fraught with hurdles and anxieties, yet filled with hope, will and humanity. In his new book, Stephen expresses his deep-rooted ideas in the most imaginative way.

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